Working Machine

Working Machine

- VR Experience & Motion Capture -

Mar. 2019 - May 2019

Design Statement

This is a VR project that critiques the fact that people are being more like working machines, while robots and AI are doing "time-consuming" works for us, which are actually the joy of life. We explored technology like 3D scanning and motion capture in our speculative work.

This is a collaborative project designed by Ziyuan Wang, Yue Zhang and Golpar 


Narrative Design

Motion Capture

VR developer


Unity 3D



Motion Capture

3D Scan

Demo Video


In our speculative future, humans will turn to emotionless worker robots by working all day every day and robots will turn to humans who have fun all the time by doing all the humans’ daily “boring and time-consuming” tasks.


Technology & Process

3D Scan

Motion Capture and Rigging Model

VR development & Test

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