History of Trunk

History of Trunk

- Speculative Fiction & Design -

Sep. 2019 - Dec. 2019

Design Statement

History of Trunk is a backstory of my fiction The Last Peach Blossom,  It's more about speculative design and world-building. 

The whole backstory includes a 1-minute animation, a narrative, and two artifacts.


Natural resources were exhausted. AI system suggested humans save plants and build the new settlements on poles of the earth.

People became self-sufficient with the help of AI system.


Humans mainly worked as farmers and they got supplies by harvesting fruits and submitting them to AI.


AI launched the project "Infinite Nirvana", inducing human to upload their brains to Data Center and to live in digital life-form.



Two trunk-like towers were built on the two poles of the earth. The remaining plants on earth were transplanted into the towers, and the AI help people cultivate and manage the plants.

Secret food processing by AI caused the human genome to mutate into a botanic sequence.




AI came up with an energy currency program and threatened human to abandon the past currency system and use bioenergy as currency.

Rigor Samsa - Enternull



When most natural resources were nearly exhausted, the AI system at that time provided humans with a solution. Only by constructing two enormous buildings on the two poles of the earth according to the architectural blueprint provided by AI, could human beings have the last chance to survive on earth. AI implied that plants were their last hope, and they had to save all the plants and transplant them under the sun that never sets so that they can have enough energy to live on. Humans had no choice. According to the plan proposed by AI, two trunk-like towers were built on the two poles of the earth. The remaining plants on earth were transplanted into the towers, and the AI command center was also transferred to these two trunk buildings to help people cultivate and manage the plants.


With the help of AI, humans succeeded in saving most plants and making them grow rapidly. The fruit of plants allowed people to be self-sufficient and to settle in the "trunk" building, and they understood that these were all thanks to the advanced architecture and technology proposed by AI. In order to improve the energy efficiency of plants, people further integrated the AI system with the building itself, and plants also became an important part of the building interior. Humans finally solved the problem of energy exhaustion, but AI also controlled the lifeblood of mankind: the maintenance system of the whole building and all the plants.


A few years later, AI came up with an energy currency program, asking humans to abandon their old currency system and make energy their only currency. At the same time, AI introduced a series of energy-trading devices. Initially, humans didn't want to abandon the economic system of the past, but AI told them that if they didn't, the plants on the tree trunks would not be able to meet our long-term needs. The order in the trunk will eventually collapse and lead to the extinction of the human race. To avoid this and to save the energy, AI said it has to turn down the temperature inside the Trunk until the temperature is close to the outside temperature. When people realized that AI was threatening them, they had to compromise and accept AI's plan.


Since then, humans built many energy trading devices according to the plan given by AI. Humans can only use their own bioenergy (mainly sugar, fat, and protein) or other bioenergy organisms (meat) in exchange for what they need. While the cost of acquiring supplies was not unaffordable, people were aware of the potential "problem" with doing so: they cannot overspend their bioenergy. In the beginning, many people drained their bodies in order to hoard goods or resources they could not consume, and they died quickly. People realized that the purpose of AI was to tell humans not to occupy resources they don’t need and to control humans with energy devices.


At the same time, because plants were the most important source of solar energy for humans, plants became much more valuable than meat. More and more people worshiped plants at home. Even most people came to believe that AI is the spiritual representative of plants. Therefore, people developed the botany religion and helped AI harvest plants, worshiped AI as the only spiritual leader, and thanked AI for planning to distribute all the materials they needed.  


Everything was to prevent humanity from repeating the same mistakes.

Everything was for the better survival of mankind.

Everything was about the welfare of the planet.


In humans' new settlement, which is a completely self-circular ecosystem, everyone's strongest belief is the law of conservation of energy, and they need to be regularly tested on their knowledge of conservation and transformation of energy, otherwise, they cannot live in their strongholds. This execution of the law of conservation was only made possible due to innovations in chlorophyll research. 


In fact, they have created new plant species with a photosynthetic energy efficiency of more than 6%, the highest level ever theoretically possible for plants. Because the situation is too critical, human abandoned the past currency system, bioenergy has become the most mainstream currency in the new era. Plants and fruits have become the most valuable assets.

In order to cultivate plants and fruits with higher energy conversion rate, humans set up an organization to take care of the living conditions of plants. They have created a new fruit wearable device called Fruits-Feeling that acts as a translator of fruit emotion and health conditions to make humans understand their artificial scientific signals.

Flow Diagram
Technical Diagram

Product Demo


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Mutagenic Food Processing

After humans harvest plant products and submit them to the AI system for supply exchange, the system uses these products and processes them into chlorophyll compounds. When it is added to people's food, it causes the human genome to mutate into a botanic sequence.


Plant harvest


Mutagenic Compound

Mutagenic Food


Exhibit Demo

Trunks - The Antarctic and Arctic Settlements

Population: 2.75 million

Social Hierarchy: 

  • Artificial Intelligence: Help humans to survive in the extreme era. It guides people to build Trunks and other energy trading devices. But actually, it uses plants and the energy trading system to control humans’ lives and fates. It makes itself as a representative of plants and leads humans to create the religion of botany. And also it adds a chlorophyll compound to people's food which will gradually change the human genome into a botanic sequence.

  • Human Union Government: Follow the instructions of AI, calling on citizens to coexist with change. When they question the AI's plans, the AI warns the government by reducing food supplies and shutting down heating systems. They help the AI to collect chlorophyll and they believe it’s used for producing foods and most supplies they need. They also believe that the new energy trading system has effectively curbed humans’ unnecessary desires and prevented self-destruction. Their slogan: To make humans great again. 

  • Citizens: Most of them serve as farmers, but some of them are also botanists, scientists, engineers. They need to work hard to maintain all the plants in Trunk so that the heating system and food can satisfy everyone. They also have their own plants to trade in the foods with leaves.

Composition of Personal Property:

  • Health point: Based on the health condition and how much sugar, fat, proteins a person has. People mostly consume of their sugar to buy the resources they need. If they start to use fat and protein, it means they are overconsuming themselves.

  • Energy point: Gained by working or giving government leaves, vegetables or anything else that contains chlorophyll. A leaf of chlorophyll ➡️100 EP ➡️10 composite nutritional chocolates (3-4 days food)

  • Plants and vegetables: Private property. If they are properly cultivated, the owner will not starve to death.

  • Other ordinary stuff: Can't be used for trading.