Eden of Pandas

Eden of Pandas

- 2D Narrative Game -

Nov. 2018 - Dec. 2018

Design Statement

Most people have irrational shame or exclusive attitudes toward sex, even put it on the opposite side of morality. So I want to provide people with experience to think about their attitudes towards sexual shame and their bodies. I use pandas to juxtapose the shared instincts and urges of humans and animals and to reflect the general lack of formal sex education in eastern countries, especially China.



Game Designer



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effect

Unity 3D


I planned to use some symbolic graphics to simulate different elements in the process of producing shame and sex and use sound effects to match and strengthen sex and shame.


In the first game scene, the panda doesn’t have any shame because they are animals and the player can control it to pursue its love by having sex directly. However, the panda won’t be the normal panda all the time. With the interaction of the player, baby pandas are born in the sex process. As the panda grows and follow the same process to enter into the next scene, each next generation will behave more like human and it will feel stronger ashamed and pay more attention to disguise itself...


Evolution of  Panda  =  Shame Development

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